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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

“I am a father for you, and a brother, a bridegroom, and a home, a nurse and a dress, a root and a cornerstone.  Whatever you want I am for you.  I don’t want you to be in any need.  I will serve you, because I came not to be served but to serve.  I am a friend, and a member, and a head, and a brother, and a sister, and a mother. I am everything for you.  Only be in contact with me.  I have been poor for you, a wanderer for you.  I have been on the cross and in the tomb for you.  High above with the Father I mediate for you.  Down here I arrived as an ambassador sent by the Father to you.  You are everything to me, a brother and a co-heir, a friend, and a member of my body.  What more do you desire?”

St. John Chrysostom


St. Andrew Orthodox church is blessed with many ministries where we serve our parish family, local community and beyond.  St. Andrew ministries provide us with an opportunity to pledge our time and talent as expressions of our faith in God, and our gratitude for all He has done for us.  St. Andrew ministries also provide us with a way to fulfill a multitude of scriptural commands admonishing us to bear fruit, feed the hungry, help the sick, use our spiritual gifts to edify the Body of Christ…  For as the scriptures tell us, Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven (St. Matthew 5:16). To that end, we find sage direction in the words of St. Tikhon who said in his farewell address to his people in America as he prepared to return to Russia:

“The Light of Orthodoxy is not lit for a small circle of people. . .it is our obligation to share our spiritual treasures, our truth, our light, and our joy with those who do not have these gifts. This duty lies not only on pastors and missionaries, but also on lay people, for the Church of Christ, in the wise comparison of St. Paul, is a body, and in the life of the body every member takes part.”

Let us all bear this yoke of responsibility to use our God-given talents for His Glory. The St. Andrew Ministry programs can provide you with the opportunity to contribute by using your talents. Importantly, a first step in ensuring the success of each ministry outreach or activity is to commit our ministries to prayer and to seek the blessings of God and of our pastor. In this way all may be done in harmony in the Church and to the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It is our Ministry Program’s goal that every member of the church body, from our children to our grandparents, finds a ministry in which to participate. Below, we have listed a brief description of each ministry within our parish. As you peruse this list, seek to find those places where your talents can best be used. Then call or e-mail the parish office to volunteer so that your “light may shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

 Father Josiah


Adult Catechism: Prepare and conduct classes for catechumens when they are dismissed with prayer during Liturgy on a rotation basis with other teachers. 

Friday School: Teach students; assist teachers: provide child supervision; cook lunch.

Teen SOYO:  Serve as a youth leader; assist youth leaders; go on youth outings as a supervisory adult; provide entertainment/activities for youth. 

Sunday School:  Serve as Sunday School Director, teacher or assistant; provide snacks for students; provide classroom materials for students. 

(Please note:  Teaching and assisting that involves working with minors requires pastoral approval, as does serving as a catechist.)

Youth Activity Parental and Youth Leadership Forms

St. Andrew Orthodox Church Youth Activity Release Form

St. Andrew Orthodox Church Youth Safety Guidelines


Newsletter:  Assist the editor with creating and publishing the parish newsletter: News gathering; layout; graphic design; write news articles; photography; monitor Diocese and Archdiocese sites for news.

Fundraising:  Participate in fundraising event and activity planning and management; event leader; event worker.

Parish Council: Be willing to serve on the Parish Council.  This is an elected position.  Members are nominated, nominations are approved by the priest and then the parish council members are elected in an annual parish meeting. 


Building Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance: Help with regular preventative maintenance.

Repairs and Improvements: Help with repairs and improvements - plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting exterior and interior. 


Pruning/Weeding/MulchingPrune roses and other plants as appropriate; weed grounds; lay down mulch.

Irrigation:  Monitor the irrigation system and look for stressed plants and other indications that a section needs repair.  Repair drip line, bubbler heads and emitters as needed. 

Grounds Pickup/CleaningPick up trash; clean drains and gutters; clean dirt from walkways and the terrace; clean temple and hall walls (remove cob webs and dirt).


Altar Server:  Serve the needs of the Altar under the direction of the clergy. 

Bell Ringer:  Ring the church bells for services at appropriate times and in a proscribed manner. 

Chanter:  Chant liturgical hymnody during church services following proscribed tradition and convention. 

Reader: Read appointed scriptures and other texts according to the Liturgical calendar under the direction of the clergy during church services.

Choir:  The adult choir members sing hymnody under the direction of the choir leader during Liturgy, weddings and funerals. 

For choir:  Resources can be found here.

Usher:  Greet people as they enter the church for Liturgy;  pass out Sunday bulletins; help direct the movement of people for communion, processions and blessing lines; take up offering; help keep order and propriety during services; assist people in need.

Prosphora Baker:  Bake prosphora, the bread used for communion.  Make sure prosphora is delivered for Liturgy in a timely manner. Training is needed to properly and prayerfully bake the prosphora. 

Chalice Wine:  Provide a contribution towards the chalice wine used for communion.  This can be done any time by making an offering of 25 to the church with a memo indicating it is for chalice wine.  Those who provide Chalice Wine can submit a list of those for whom they would like prayer at the altar.  A template for listing commemorations is available through the office. 

Candles and Candle area:  Help put out candles after church services; keep sand clean by removing candle drips and spent candle nubs;  clean fallen sand from candle counter and floor, refresh spent seven-day candles. 

Cleaning of Icons:  Clean glass coverings over icons and remove smudges left by people reverencing the icons. 

Temple Flower Decorations:  Assist in acquiring and arranging flowers in the temple for major feasts and other times flowers are needed during church services. 

Service to Those in Need

Homeless Meals:  Help provide meals for the Hulen Homeless Shelter.  Prepare and deliver meals to the shelter and serve meals to shelter residents.  Return to church and help with cleaning.  Currently meals are served twice a month on Saturday mornings.  Meal prep is 5:00am and we serve the meal at 6am.

Orthodox Christians for LifeParticipate in Walk for Life; attend pro-life events; assist pro-life organizations.

Prayer Ministry: Receive prayer requests from the prayer ministry leader and lift the requests up in prayer.

Visitation: Visit people who are sick or shut-ins; provide supportive services:  Transportation to appointments, help getting groceries or other needs they are unable to perform.  Make wellness check calls. 

Burial Society: Pray for and with people and read scripture, if they are in the process of being in repose; Assist in preparing loved ones for burial; assist in making funeral and burial arrangements; pray for those in repose during their preparation for burial; visit cemeteries and pray for the reposed.

Fellowship Meals

Agape Hour: Bring food for the Agape Hour meal, in coordination with the Agape Meal Captains (families are scheduled on a rotation basis and bring food about once every three months.)  Assistance in knowing how much to bring, or recipes for large numbers of people are available. All families should consider participating in this important ministry. 

Family Night Meal:  Assist in preparing and serving meals in conjunction with the St. John Chrysostom Catechetical School on Wednesday evenings. 

Meals for the Sick & New Mothers:  Cook meals and arrange for delivery to the families.

Sweeter Side:  Prepare and serve a meal to the seniors that come to the hall for fellowship and activities once a month.  This is a rotation service shared with other volunteers—service would be once every few months.   

VIP Agape Hour Server: Serve food plates to elderly and infirm in the fellowship hall during Agape Hour. 

Childcare Ministries

Kidz Klub: Rotating teams care for.

Playground Monitor: Take turns with others in monitoring play on our playground following Liturgy on Sundays.

Outreach Ministries

Bookstore: Assist customers in the bookstore and process sales transactions following Liturgy.

Docent:  Lead tours of the temple following a developed and pastorally approved script.  Docents provide information about our temple’s architecture, Orthodoxy and the history of St. Andrew.  (Approval and training is required to conduct temple tours)

Fellowship Opportunities

Bookclub:  Meet once a month and discuss the monthly book selection.  The group meets in the church office the first Thursday of each month.  The book of the month is posted in the weekly bulletin.

Coffee and Donuts with Prez:  Young adults meet in the church office following Liturgy to listen to a presentation, have discussion and fellowship. 

Myrrhbearers:  Our parish lady’s group.  This group meets for fellowship and works to support various charitable and church projects both locally, nationally and around the world.

Sweeterside:  The last Thursday of each month the parish seniors (60+) meet for a lunch, fellowship and an activity. 



Saint Andrew Orthodox Church
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