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Monday, July 4, 2022

”A man is never in so good a state as when his whole life is a journey towards the unchangeable life, and his affections are entirely fixed upon that.”
St. Augustine of Hippo. On Christian Doctrine 


Registration Information

St. Andrew Parishioners:

If you only plan to attend in person, you can participate at no charge but you must register so that we can plan for enough seating and food.


If you want to have the recorded content from the conference available in your Patristic Nectar account, you must register with crowdcast and pay a registration fee. 

Everyone else:

Everyone other than St. Andrew parishioners must register with crowdcast and pay a fee.

You will receive the audio content in your Patristic Nectar account when it is published.  Please indicate if you will be attending in person. 

To View Registration Options and Register Click Here



Saint Andrew Orthodox Church
4700 Canyon Crest
Riverside, CA 92507



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